JSD Silver, Gold, Platinum, S75 (Lady in black) and VM.





EMT‘s most authentic and musical Stereo Phono-Carts. With body made from and milled out of a massive block of special alu-minum, for the JSD Gold out of a massive block of high-grade, gold resp. platinum plated alloy for the Platinum version. Gold plated system components with ALNiCo magnets, normed ½-inch standard fastening for the use with every high-quality tone arm. Especially polished, bare and natural dia-mond stylus of the highest available quality.

JSD 5; Gyger S Diamond on Boron
JSD 6; SFL Diamond on Boron
JSD P 6.0 and
JSD S75 and
JSD VM; Diamond on white Sapphire

All parts and works, including the Diamond shaping process - this is both; an art and a science - are entirely made in West Europe.

Details and specification for the EMT JSD Series:

JSD Silver and Gold JSD Platinum
Stylus and cantilever Diamond on Bor Diamond on Sapphire
Tip version
Gyger S
Super Fine Line
Tracking force 2,3-2.4g
Impedance 2 x 20 Ohm approx.
Output level at 1kHz (@ 5cm/s rms) 2x 1 mV, +/-2dB
Frequency response 20 to 30’000 Hz
Compliance 12-15µm/mN
Connection gold plated pins
Weight Silver 11g, Gold 18g ca.  18g ca.
Recommended load 200-300 Ohm
Recom. mass (Tone arm excl. cart) 4-18 g


The latest addition to the award winning EMT Jubilee MC-Cart Series

Just in time for its 77 th anniversary, EMT will present the new JSD VM MC Cart:

The latest addition to the award winning EMT Jubilee series is - beside the JSD Platinum and the Lady in Black (S75) – the third pickup with EMT’s exclusive white sapphire cantilever. From the total 47 components of the new gray / gold JSD VM cart, 2 are particularly worth mentioning:

The two different cylinder rods are made of low respectively very high density material and will be alternatively integrated in the JSD VM cartridge housing. They can be exchanged quickly and easily on the fly and thus ensure different weight and mass ratios. This variable cart mass (VM) of a total of 10 or 13 g allows a flexible, effective and optimal fine tuning to almost every tone arm.

Stylus and cantilever naked, oriented Diamond on white Sapphire
Tracking force 2,3-2,4 g
System impedance 2 x 20 Ohm approx.
Output level at 1kHz (@ 5cm/s rms) 2 x 1 mV, +/-2dB
Frequency response 20 to 30’000 Hz
Compliance 12µm/mN
Weight, either 10g or 13g
Recommended load 200 – 300 Ohm
Recommended dynamic tone arm mass FLEXIBLE
Optimal ambiance and room temperature 23 ... 25 ° Cel (73-80° F)

EMT J-Head Shell

Originally designed to use the Jubilee JSD-series cartridges together with EMT tone Arms, the J-Head Shell offers also the possibility to use non EMT cartridges on EMT tone arms ... if they fit dimensionally into this 32mm Studio/A-Shell. A so called “i” version is also available with international connection.

The handle can be used either on the left or on the right hand side. So it can be comfortably used for a second arm which is maybe mounted at the rear of a turntable.

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