EMT "Tondose"

The legendary mc-carts from EMT

An overview of EMT “Tondosen”

Details and specifications for the T- and X- Series:

The EMT moving coil cartridges are delivered in a custom made light alloy die cast head shell. They are fitted with a magnifying glass and a small, white front screen which reflects the so called groove-light of the EMT studio turntables. Out of that, a wide and bright image of the record surface appears in the loupe for an exact positioning of the stylus. The sidewise mounted grip allows an easy handling.

Which stylus tip radius for which record?
For tracking of stereo grooves, use a Stylus with tip radius of up to 15 µm
For tracking of mono grooves, Stylus with tip radius either 15, but typically 25 µm
For tracking of standard grooves, 78 rpm: Stylus with tip radius with 65 µm or larger
The EMT Tondosen carts vary in these basic aspects:
·         Mono/stereo
·         Stylus (diamond or sapphire)
·         Grinding shape („spherical“, „super fine line“ or „van den Hul“)
·         Connection ( „EMT“- or „international/SME“-layout)
·         Playback level


Technical Data

TSD 15

The Original Broadcast Tondose! MC-Stereo cart with EMT Studio-standard connection, level 1 mV at 5cm/sec., diamond-tips either in SPH, SFL or GyS.

TMD 15/25, TND 65

True Mono cartridges, diamond stylus tip:
TMD micro groove, 15 or 25 μm
TND normal groove (78 rpm), 65 μm
Other sersions available on request

XSD 15

Stereo cart technically identical to TSD 15, but with International/EIA standard con-nection and 50 mm length.

TSD 15 N

Stereo-cartridge without Headshell. Largely identical with TSD 15, but with 1/2-inch-standard-mounting. Diamonds with SFL-shape.

TSD 75

75 years Anniversary MC cartridge with ½-inch standard fastening.
Stereo with diamond-tips either in SPH, SFL or GyS
True Mono with 15, 25 or 65 μm tips.

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