After decades of dedicated work, the cart production staffs members of EMT-Studiotechnik, Mahlberg have gone into retirement in 2014. Their knowledge and know-how was transferred in a period of several years to younger professionals.
In the course of this conversion, the production moved to HiFiction AG in Switzerland.

As of July 1, 2018, HiFiction AG, department EMT Tontechnik, has completely taken over the cart department. Production, sales and logistics are now carried out worldwide by HiFiction AG, Winterthur, Switzerland.

Valid for the EU only (European Union)
EMT’s traditional T&X series carts are now marketed by EMT Tontechnik, Mahlberg (Germany).
EMT Tontechnik in Mahlberg (near Lahr, Germany) is a company of HiFiction AG, Switzerland.
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