50 Years+ EMT Tondosen

The history of the legendary German Broadcast pick-ups

The history of EMT’s cartridges begun in 1950/51 when they were used in the professional EMT R 80 and 927 Broadcast record players. 1959 EMT started its own mono pick-up production. 1965 saw the launch of the famous EMT TSD 15. 2006 the first JSD cart, the “Silver”, was introduced All EMT carts are completely handmade.

In the 70-ties the XSD 15 became available for direct connection to popular Hi-Fi-tonearms (SME or others with appropriate connection) and EMT started custom developments and production runs for OEM partners. Modern tip shapes and technical improvements provided a linear frequency response well beyond the audio band, and a substantial reduction of distortions at high frequencies. 1992 came the HSD 6, EMT’s first cart with a standard ½ inch attachment for the Hi-Fi market.

It wasn’t before 2006 that something new came to the marketplace: Developed for the occasion of EMT’s 66th Anniversary, the JSD5 and JSD6, two new MC-systems were launched. They immediately won awards like “Product of the Year 2006”.

2007/08 the TSD15Lzi with low output, low impedance and inter­national connection was introduced. 2008/09 the Jubilee series was extended with the JSD G, now completely gold plated and made of a special high grade alloy. All JSD cartridges employ highly polished bare diamond styli on Bor (boron), either in Gyger S or Super Fineline shape and strong AlNiCo Magnets.

In order to celebrate 75 YEARS EMT in 2015, the TSD75 is being introduced and is the latest addition to the legendary EMT Stereo cart line that started its prof. broadcasting life in 1965. The Stereo and or Mono cartridges come with ½-inch standard fastening and diamond- tips in numerous versions.

While the JSD Silver and Gold use Diamonds on Boron-, the new JSD Platinum and the 2015 JSD S75 use Diamonds on a White Sapphire Cantilever.

All EMT carts are still fully handmade.
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