EMT 986 professional CD Player with Hard Disk

This professional CD player operates largely along the lines of the EMT 981, still highly popular with radio broadcasting studios thanks to its wide range of facilities.
From a technical point of view, however, we have built in several new, innovative features. The new EMT 986 CD Player is equipped with a hard disk, adding many useful features and enhancing operating convenience. For example, you can create play lists, insert cues within tracks, play continuous loops and many other things. Play lists can also include tracks in both MP2 and MP3 formats.
The CD player can be integrated into existing networks to enable it to receive music files from another source, e.g. a server. Databases allow quick and easy access to titles stored on the hard disk.

· 19“ rack case with 2 HE
· Analogue audio outputs; nominal level selectable at +4; +6; +10 dBu on XLR
· Digital Out: AES; XLR, SPDIF; coaxial & optical
· Internal & external synchronisation
· Fader start, remote control (optional)
· When fader start is activated, both control panel and power off are disabled
· Elapsed and remaining track time
· Tracks can be pre-heard, with pre-start and pre-end also available
· Internal loudspeaker and headphone output with volume control
· CD-R and RW playable; also plays unfinished CD-Rs
· Fast Ethernet network connection
· Imports tracks from audio CDs, data CDs & DVDs, as well as USB mass storage
· MP2 and MP3 capable
· Internal hard disk with track database
· Select tracks using shuttle wheel
· Creating play lists
· tracks can be added from audio CD and hard disk sources
· up to 199 tracks per play list
· Frame by frame (super-accurate) setting of alternative starting and stopping points (Cue Start and Cue End)
· Auto cue: automatic detection of be­ginning and ending of a track; setting of cue start und cue end (erasing beginning and ending silence)
· Pre-listening of a track
· Saves play lists, including cues
· Up-Loads stored play lists, including cues
· Continuous play, single loop, loop all tracks
· Auto stop; playback stops at end of each track

EMT 986 R

with extended features

The new EMT 986 R was especially made for the use in professional broadcast control room applications “Regieraum”. It is an expansion of the well-proven EMT 986. Additional features are first of all the large second display showing TIME and TRACK as well as some soft and hardware extensions.

additional features to EMT 986:


· Additional larger time display
· Eject button near disc drive positioned
· Additional Cue switches to store Cue-points in Direct-Mode
· Additional [Auto] Cue switch with LED
· Additional Time switch near the time display
· On/Off pushbutton and Faderstart Ready Info on Sub-D connector available

· Interval of the Cue Loop adjustable
· Title number of CD tracks display in title information
· End of track warning adjustable
· Auto On function selectable
· Extend delay of Off pushbutton to protect switch off by mistake

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